Interesting Robin Facts

1. Robins are friendly birds and very popular in Europe. They can also be found in the Azores, Canary Islands, North Africa, central Russia, Turkey and Iran.

2. The American Robin is a migratory bird and a member of the thrush family. Some other thrushes and Old World flycatchers are also referred to as robins.

3. It is the male American Robin that sings a lovely and continuous song often described as a cheerily carol. And these robins are said to be among the last songbirds heard singing as evening sets in.

4. American Robins make different sounds in communicating information. When a predator is near, robins will emit a “peek! tut tut tut tut” warning call. When a nest or an individual robin feels threatened, it makes a sound similar to a horse whining. During the nesting season, these birds make a high-pitched sound especially when they see a hawk or other birds of prey. In response to this call, other robins will repeat the sound and stop their movements. Another different sound is made during winter time.

5. The American Robin is called “Merle d’ Amerique” in French and “Mirlo Primavera” in Spanish.

6. The American Robin is the official state bird of Connecticut, Michigan and Wisconsin.

7. This songbird is also the national bird of Great Britain.

8. In Gilstead, West Yorkshire, England, a rare sighting of robins was noted in January 2007.

9. This bird was depicted in the 1986 $2 note of Canada.

10. American Robins numbering in the hundred thousands can gather in one perch during the winter. During summer, while the females sleep on their nests, the males gather in roosts. As the young robins grow and become independent, they too join the other males in the roost. The female adult robins will join them only after completing their nesting duties.

11. Earthworms are a favorite food of American robins. Other soft-bodied invertebrates they eat include caterpillars, beetles and grasshoppers.

12. Fruits and berries account for 60 percent of robins’ diet. Apart from fruits, they can also feed on sweet stuff like fruit cake, coconut cake and uncooked pastry.

13. In a single year, the American robins can produce three successful broods.

14. The robin’s population seems stable or increasing throughout its range.

15. Both the male and female robins appear the same with bright red orange breast, brown bill and legs. Young robins are brown in color with speckles. This color changes, though, as the bird molts when reaching its second or third month.


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