Building A Birdhouse For The Robin

Both the male and female robins are very territorial birds. The females even hold their own territory during the winter season. The males normally claim their territories by singing loudly notably during springtime. Of course, they will defend their areas to the end even if it may cause them to end their life.

These songbirds like to stay in open spaces like gardens, farms, meadows and woodlands but they can also stay in the bird houses of your backyards.

Robins can nest in artificial structures provided for them or even just about any convenient place they can find. In fact, they have been found to stay in unusual sites such as kettles, cars, and coat pockets. Robins can even nest in a pair of boots hanging on the wall.

If you want to draw them to your backyard, you can use an open-frosted nest box. Robins don’t like to live in cavities hence, they stay away from boxes. You can, therefore, provide them with a nest shelf where female robins can build her nest. Be sure to include a slope and overhanging roof to protect them from the rain.

Robins mostly choose open platforms compared to the enclosed birdhouses because of the open view they provide. An ideal platform for robins should include a base measuring 8 inches by 8 inches and an 8-inch ceiling with an open front and open sides. It is best to mount your platforms in an area facing trees or plants or open spaces on the side of sheds, for instance. Avoid placing the platforms in trees as predators are likely to find them there. And besides, robins only place their nests at the outer branches of trees.

In mounting the birdhouse for robins, make sure to place them about six to 15 inches high above the ground or not lower than 30 centimeters so that crows won’t get the chance to fly in and perch on the platform.
Wood is the best material for a birdhouse. It is not only durable but safe for birds too. Avoid the pressure-treated wood since the chemicals used in treating them are toxic for birds. And never paint the interior of the birdhouse. There are many kinds of wood available such as the pine, cedar, redwood, spruce and poplar. They are easy to work with and long lasting. Try to get a wood about ¾ inches thick for durability.


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