Building Birdhouses 101 - Everything You Need to Know About Building the Perfect Birdhouse for North American Bird Species

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Bird watching has become second only to gardening in terms of being the most popular hobby in the country. This activity which involves identifying and observing birds in their natural environment has provided valuable information on the range, migration dates and behavior of various species of birds. Its most common form is keeping a bird list or checklist.

The list contains the names of each bird specie seen by the bird watcher with a notation as to where and when the bird was observed. Competition among bird watchers in having the longest list at specific times and places is quite keen. Bird watchers purposely go on regular trips so that continuous addition to the list is made possible. These trips are usually timed during spring and fall migrations when there are more species of birds in the area. Most bird watchers plan their own trips although there are frequent organized bird walks conducted by youth and government agencies, nature centers, schools and camps.

One of the oldest bird watching events is the Christmas Count of Birds, initiated by Frank Chapman in 1900. He was a curator of Ornithology in the American Museum of Natural History. Official counts are taken annually all over the United States and Canada for those participating in the yearly event as sponsored by the National Audubon Society. It has also regularly sponsored a census of breeding birds to count the number and species of birds nesting in particular habitats each year.

Bird watching is not confined to any particular place. In fact, the most convenient place to start is right on one’s own backyard. A person interested in trying this activity would just have to learn the basics of bird watching for it to be fruitful. This is what this site hopes to provide its readers. It is packed with useful information about the basic birdhouse design and its variations plus the suitable materials to be used to build one’s own; timely tips on where and when to place birdhouses; helpful advice on attracting and protecting birds that nest; clear comparison between self-made birdhouses and ready-made birdhouses and valuable pointers to remember in buying a birdhouse as well as its care and maintenance. Knowing this information would equip the hobbyist and serious enthusiast to enjoy to the fullest the benefits derived from bird watching.

As this site aims to encourage more people to take up this worthwhile activity, articles regarding related topics are also provided. The most recommended bird watching books can fill in the curiosity and need for information of beginners and experienced bird watchers alike. Important notes about the equipments required together with some interesting facts and statistics are likewise provided. Long unanswered questions will find their answers as commonly used terms and issues are explained. Those looking for the ultimate satisfaction in getting close to nature will benefit from the special article on bird watching vacations.