Information has always been the key to any successful endeavor. What better source would there be for correct information than the leading bird watching books recommended by bird watchers themselves? The following is a list of the more useful resources for bird watchers at any level.

For information on bird identification with text and graphics:

1. Birds: A Golden Guide (St. Martin’s Press)This is a good place to start to look up popular North American birds. It is very easy to bring in the field or backyard as this is a pocket-sized book. It covers 129 of the most familiar American birds with text descriptions of related species. It will enable the reader to identify more than 250 birds. The book contains color plates that will help with identification as well as range maps, charts for migration times and nesting materials. This is highly recommended for beginners.

2. Book of North American Birds (Reader’s Digest)
This book published by a trusted name identifies 600 species. The Gallery Section contains 450 of the 600 species divided into eight groups according to type and habitat. A full-color painting is featured at each page accompanied by maps and details of field marks, habitat, nesting habits and food preferences.

3. Field Guide to the Birds of North America (National Geographic)
For those looking for the best book to carry in the field or even the backyard, this book is a perfect field guide for the intermediate and above level birdwatchers. It contains information on all known birds that breed in North America plus a few others. This edition features illustrations of both male and female birds with over 800 range maps included.

For information on how to attract birds to one’s backyard:

4. The Audubon Backyard Bird Watchers: Bird Feeders and Bird Gardens
This book leads the reader in creating a backyard bird sanctuary through the expert guidanceof the National Audubon Society. The feeding and gardening techniques provided will ensure a backyard that is filled with life. This is considered the ultimate resource for those interested in creating a bird-friendly habitat.

5. Backyard Birds and Butterflies EBook (Laura Child’s)
This EBook is packed with information and covers a wide range of topics such as creating a bird haven in the backyard, dealing with squirrels and getting birds to feed from one’s hand, among others. It can readily be downloaded and read within 5 minutes after purchasing.

For other related information:

6. Woodworking for Wildlife – Homes for Birds and Mammals
(Carol Henderson)
This book is published by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to provide information on building the proper nest boxes and landscaping to get closest to the natural habitat.

7. Guide to Bird Homes – Nesting and Roosting Space for Your Backyard Birds
This book is published by the Bird Watcher’s Digest Press and contains general information on cavity-nesters.

8. A Guide to the Nests, Eggs and Nestlings of North American Birds
(Paul J. Baicich and Colin O. Harrison)
Published by Academic Press, this book provides a detailed guide to the nesting process of birds found in North America.

For particular bird species:

9. Bluebird Traits: A Guide to Success (Darene H. Scriven)This interesting book is published by the Bluebird Recovery Committee, Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis. It features a complete guide to attracting Bluebirds and understanding the behavioral patterns of this particular bird specie.

10. The Stokes Purple Martin Book: An Identification Guide and Handbook(Donald and Lilian Stokes).This book is published by Houghton Mifflin Company and is dedicated to making one’s experience with Purple Martins more enjoyable.