One of the major decisions a serious bird watcher would have to make in inviting wild birds to nest in his/her yard is to determine whether to buy or build a birdhouse. Before doing either, the particular bird specie to be attracted should be determined. Birdhouses are constructed for different species based on their specific requirements such as the hole size and the inside area. The choice of desired bird specie should also be realistically tempered by the habitat that can be offered.

For those that do not have any particular bird in mind but would just want to attract something, a multi-specie houses can be constructed that will be suitable for a number of similar-sized birds. These can be placed in different habitats in the yard to attract different bird species. To attract a particular bird specie, on the other hand would require more planning and preparation of the birdhouse to be used.

Building birdhouses is a hobby that can be both fun and rewarding. Giving them as gifts to friends and family can spark their interest in bird watching. Nothing can beat the satisfaction of seeing one’s own work put to good use and be able to help the environment at the same time.

Ready-made birdhouses are widely available but they are not all equal in quality. Building one’s own birdhouse can ensure the quality granting that the correct materials are used and a person has the ability to build. It also allows for customization to accommodate personal preferences as to details.

Deciding to buy a birdhouse does not make this activity less noble than it is. Providing birdhouses is a noble act in itself as it helps nature continue its processes by providing temporary nesting places to birds. This would counter to a certain extent the problem regarding the lack of natural nesting places due to man’s indiscriminate cutting of trees and disturbance of natural habitat.

The obvious advantage of buying instead of building is that of convenience. With so many styles available for specific bird species, bird enthusiasts can set-up their birdhouses in no time. This is especially true today when it is possible to buy one without leaving the comfort of one’s home. This is what is commonly referred to as online purchasing.

Online purchasing offers a whole range of opportunities with regards to styles, colors, unique ones, customize ones, new ones, old ones and even unimaginable ones. Birdhouses also come in a range of prices that is able to fit the designated budget. Access to unique or even artistic creations that are not usually found in brick and mortar stores is possible. Customization is not a problem as there are specialists in this line of work. There are hundreds of affordable birdhouse plans available online, with some even provided at no cost for those that are handy at building.

Whether the choice is to build or buy, there are definite features that would determine a good birdhouse. Generally, birdhouses should be durable, easy to check and clean. Specifically, it should use untreated wood, walls that are at least ¾ inches thick, roof that is extended and sloped, recessed floor, rough or grooved interior walls, with drainage and ventilation holes and preferably with no outside perches. It should also be ably supported by suitable accessories such as poles and predator guards. At the end of the day, no one can argue with genuine fun. If that fun translates to building or buying, then everything would be for the best if it benefits the birds that will use it.