It is not a surprise that there are many birdhouses being sold that are actually unsuitable for birds. Some simply do not attract any bird or the type of bird desired while some can be harmful to them. There are some basic criteria for a birdhouse to be considered a good buy.

First and foremost, the birdhouse should have the proper dimensions. Different types of birds have different requirements so it makes sense to check the birdhouse specification as to the inside area, the entrance hole size and the height of the hole from the floor. These are very important considerations in attracting birds to one’s backyard.

Second, it should have the ventilation and drainage holes or slats required to prevent overheating or drowning of baby birds. If the birdhouse do not have these holes or slats but is otherwise fine, it should at least allow for the addition of such holes or slats. It should easily be accomplished with the use of a drill or saw.

Third, it should provide easy access for cleaning and monitoring. This is usually provided when one side is hinged or lifts out. Birdhouses that offer no way to monitor nests or clean out old nests are not considered good bargains even if they come cheap.

Fourth, the proper materials should have been used to build it. This would mean non-toxic materials that will not pose any danger to the birds when ingested. This would also mean the use of more suitable materials rather than materials that are only good for aesthetics. (i.e. wood over metal)

Birdhouses, no matter how beautiful they are, primarily are not for decorative purposes. Housing actual birds carries more responsibility than beautifying the yard. Structural stability should always come before beauty or design. Avoid birdhouses that were simply glued together, stapled or nailed. A good birdhouse has its joint glued before nailing and uses rust resistant nails, hinges and screws.

The carrying capacity is likewise very important. The perfect birdhouse should have its corresponding perfect place in one’s yard. Otherwise, it will just end up as one of those things that were always intended for use but never really get around to that point. Thus, it is necessary to prepare the environment of the birdhouse.

Accessories that come with the birdhouse should be sturdy as well. Birdhouses used for functionality purposes will see a lot of weather so cute and adorable dried flowers won’t cut it. Consider how such frilly stuff will stand up to time and the environment.

There are a lot of birdhouse kits available for sale. These kits are generally simple to put together with some projects available for those with more advanced skill level. Options as to size and style are wide and varied.

Some birds are bound to snub a birdhouse since they can be very fussy about where they nest. Sometimes it is just a matter of changing location especially if all aspects have been considered for the correct birdhouse. Making one’s yard as attractive and safe as possible for nesting birds will eventually result to those much awaited temporary settlers.