The Purple Finch Nesting Preferences

The purple finch is common during summer but rarely seen during winter. In spring, they can be seen in April until May during which large groups arrive. In the summer, they are almost everywhere but mostly in coniferous woodlands. During fall, their movement has been recorded from September to October.

During nesting time, some species of birds choose locations near humans. The purple finch, however, does not show any preference as they can build their nests anywhere from gardens to remote forested locations.

The purple finch makes nests using twigs and grass stems. Its nest is somewhat rough outside and is lined inside with hair, fine rootlets, beard lichen if available and sometimes wool from sheep’s. Their nest is situated near the top of a small or medium-sized spruce or fir in open woodland. Sometimes, their nests are so high already near cone-bearing branches. So far, the apple tree is the only kind of deciduous tree preferred by the purple finch for nesting.

During the mating season, the male purple finch may contribute in gathering nesting materials for the female. But it’s actually the female finch that selects the materials and constructs the nest.


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