Building a Birdhouse for the Cardinal

Cardinals may be the most renowned bird to feed and attract in backyards. They do not usually migrate hence they can stay in birdhouses or feeders if they want to for nesting and breeding purposes. They are a common sight in both rural and urban areas. They have, in fact, expanded their range northward across the United States into the southern part of Ontario in Canada. Their range now covers almost all the eastern part of the U.S.

The northern cardinal is said to be among the most popular and admired backyard birds. They are loved by many people that they have been named as a state bird in seven U.S. states. These songbirds are easily attracted to bird feeders in many backyards. And since they are non-migratory, a steady supply of food can greatly help them get through the winter season. Providing a birdhouse or feeder is one sure way of getting regular visits from cardinals. They can stay in one location so long as they have food and suitable shelter throughout the year.

Although they can eat at almost any bird feeder available nearby, they like a stationary one placed over a hanging bird feeder. Feeders mounted on poles are more ideal in accommodating the birds. Cardinals also go for nests that are about five to six feet tall.

A box-type bird house may not be preferred by most cardinals as it is quite enclosed. However, you can still attract them to your backyards by considering their food and shelter needs when making plans for your garden landscaping project. A hanging wire cage filled with nesting materials like twigs, wool, feather and fiber scraps is ideal during springtime. The frequency of birds visiting your home will depend on the right kind of house and environment you provide for them.

Before building a bird house, it is best to evaluate first the different kinds of nesting birds and their needs. Nesting birds are either cavity nesters or open nesters. The cardinals belong to the open nesters with their nests situated on tree branches or shrubs. So if you’d like them to visit your home, plant native trees, shrubs and vines.

If you would like to watch the cardinals visit your backyard, it should be in the early morning and early evening. They eat early in the day and late in the evening so there’s a good chance that you can catch them singing during other times of the day. And if you think that only the females sing, think again. Both the male and female cardinals sing and not only on certain occasions but all year round.

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