About The Ash-throated Flycatcher

The Ash-throated Flycatcher is a medium sized bird measuring around 19-21 cm (7-8 in), with a wingspan of 30-32 cm (12-13 in), and weighing in at 21-38 g. The Ash-throated Flycatcher is commonly found in open arid areas especially in the Western part of North America.

Male and female Ash-throated Flycatchers do not differ much with regards to physical description. Their feathers on the back are grayish-brown while feathers on the chest and throat are pale gray. On the belly and undertail, the feathers are pale yellow. As for the tail, it is brown on the upside while rufous and brown on the underside. Both sexes have a bushy crest. Juvenile Ash-throated Flycatchers are similar to the adults except that their coloring is paler.

The Ash-throated Flycatcher Nesting Preferences

The Ash-throated Flycatcher prefers to live in areas thick with foliage such as mesquite thickets, oak groves, and saguaro cactus. As a cavity nester, the Ash-throated Flycatcher is not particular regarding trees in which to nest, as long as it has a cavity. They would even build nests in woodpecker holes. Commonly used trees are oak, mesquite, ash, sycamore, and juniper.

Materials commonly used for the nest are dry grass, weeds, manure, and dry leaves. The Ash-throated Flycatcher’s nest is usually lined with hair, feathers, and soft plant fibers.

Building a Birdhouse For The Ash-throated Flycatcher

The Baltimore Bird Club suggests the following dimensions for Ash-throated Flycatchers:


The Ash-throated Flycatcher Mating Habits

Ash-throated Flycatchers are usually solitary birds except during mating season. During this time, the male executes a lot of aerial aerobatics to catch the attention of the female. Once paired, they become territorial.

The Ash-throated Flycatcher Feeding Preferences

The Ash-throated Flycatcher’s diet consists mainly of insects. The Ash-throated Flycatcher likes to eat beetles, bees, and other bugs. It also eats caterpillars, moths, grasshoppers, and spiders. The Ash-throated Flycatcher eats fruits and berries as well.

Unlike other Flycatchers, this bird rarely gets its food in mid-flight. Instead, it goes on the ground to feed. The Ash-throated Flycatcher likes to roost on a perch while waiting for potential prey. Once it finds food it moves on to another position instead of going back to its old perch.

Interesting Ash-throated Flycatcher Facts

  • The Ash-throated Flycatcher sometimes uses snakeskin as nesting material! Compared to other birds, this is a rare occurrence, though.
  • Man-made structures are among the Ash-throated Flycatcher’s favorite nesting places.
  • You will usually see an Ash-throated Flycatcher sitting on a tree branch quietly, trying to be inconspicuous. They will just surprise you with short bursts of flight when they see prey on the ground or on bushes.
  • The Ash-throated Flycatcher is not a sociable bird. In fact, they do not flock together and they do not like it when other birds nest close to them.
  • This bird flies rapidly, continuously flapping its wings and does not undulate while flying.
  • Also known as Tyran ? gorge cendr?e in French

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