The House Finch Nesting Preferences

House Finches are said to be able to nest anywhere. Though quite a general statement, it can be accurate as well. House Finches reside in a wide variety of locations including deserts, shrubs, coniferous forests, and the cities. As such, their nesting preferences vary just as widely. House Finches in the desert would nest in the shrubs and chaparral if there are any. On the other hand, House Finches which reside in coniferous forests would nest in the tree branches and holes in the conifers. House Finches in the city would nest almost anywhere that is suitable. That is why you are likely to see nests of House Finches on window ledges and even holes and cracks in buildings. You can even see House Finch nests in hanging planters, plant boxes, and the old nests of other birds. One common thing about the location of House Finch nests is that they are usually built in places about 1.5 m to 2 m above ground level. Perhaps it may be mere preference but it is likely a mechanism by which to protect the eggs and the young birds when they hatch.

The nest of a House Finch is a simple thing. As mentioned earlier, during hard times or perhaps merely due to preference, some House Finches re-use the old nests of other birds. More so, House Finches have no qualms about using their own nests repeatedly for several breeding seasons.

The nest of a House Finch is usually built by the female bird. She makes use of grasses to form the main structure of the nest – usually resembling a shallow cup. Other materials that may be thrown in with the grasses are leaves and twigs. To line the inside of the nest for the baby birds, the female House Finch uses feathers and other similar fibers. The building of a nest may take as little as two days for the female bird.

You can expect House Finches to lay eggs between the months of February and August. They lay anywhere from 2 to 6 eggs per brood and have at least 2 broods each year. The eggs are of a pale blue-green color with some flecks of black. The female House Finch incubates the eggs for about 2 weeks (sometimes a day or two less than that). Once hatched, the young House Finches stay in their nest for about 11 to 19 days.

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