Building a Birdhouse for the American Goldfinch

Goldfinches are a delight to watch because of their acrobatic stunts. When feeding in the wild, they cling upside down to the heads of sunflowers then move on to a weed stalk and eat in a standing and upright position. As to artificial feeders, they like hanging on tubular ones especially those with perches.

The American Goldfinch is easy to attract in backyards. A member of the seed-eating family of finches, all you have to do is just provide seeds in your feeding stations and you will surely enjoy the sight of this small and musical bird on a regular basis. Birdhouses and feeders with hulled sunflower especially the black oil and thistle seeds can draw happy goldfinches in your homes although they normally feed in weedy fields and meadows. Goldfinches are also attracted to window trays and bird tables containing sorghum, millet, canary seed and cracked nutmeats.

Shelter is essential for the survival of birds and most especially during their nesting season. The best one, of course, is the natural type such as shrubs, vines, hedges and trees. They are inviting habitats for birds. Dead trees and limbs can also be good homes especially if you plant vines at the base.

Before deciding on building a birdhouse for your backyard, observe your lawn and garden and assess if there are areas for shelter and nesting. Ask yourself if you would be willing to provide regular food and water for them.

Birdhouses should ideally be put up during autumn so they can stand over winter and ready for birds during spring. However, anytime can also be a good time to put up birdhouses. They should be placed on metal posts and away from noisy areas to keep cats and other predators at bay.

Bird feeders are also another important source of food for birds. For a start, choose a tube feeder. A clear plastic tube is ideal as it allows you to know if food is already in low supply. These tube feeders are great in attracting small songbirds like the finches. Keep in mind, to protect bird food from moisture as much as possible because moisture can easily lead to spoilage.

A water source also draws goldfinches just like the other birds. Many bird lovers provide enough food but ignore the importance of water. Although they can get some water from dew, rainfall and wild food, other sources would greatly benefit them. A bird bath with warm water, for example, is best for birds notably during winter. Apart from drinking, birds need water for bathing. Bathing is vital to help birds keep their feathers in good shape especially for flying.


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