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Building a Birdhouse for the Finch

Finches are neat birds and very easy to care for. And being songbirds, they can definitely entertain people with their own kind of pleasant music. In fact, finches are best as pets for people leading a modern lifestyle because they not need much attention from humans. Another great thing about the finch is that it is not destructive and can easily be housed.

The entertainment people get from finches comes from watching them and not so much from playing and interacting with them. These birds are more bird-oriented than people-oriented.

Building a bird house for finches is easy and a lot of fun. Finches prefer to nest in bird houses with cover over their head and behind them. You can build a suitable nesting platform for finches that is easy to clean. An example would be using four pieces of thin wood like plywood about four inches on all four sides. Nail the three sides and add the other one for the bottom part as if making a box with one side open. You can then add a platform under an overhand. Another option if you donít go for the bird box would be to use a strawberry container.

Possible nesting sites you can provide for them include hanging plants, a garage overhand or a small area under the roof such as a porch roof, an eave or barn. There is a big possibility of attracting these songbirds if you have a yard with rich vegetation such as vines or trellises including creepers and clematis. Vines, especially with their interwoven branches, offer support for the nest. The branches of deciduous and coniferous trees like the pine, spruce and cedar are also ideal homes for the finches.

If you love to keep birds and breed them in your own home, the cage is the ideal place for them. Choose a large cage to give your finches more space to move around. Include a bathing container where finches can bath and drink. Some of the species that are easy to keep are the zebra finch and the Bengalese or Society finch. Keep in mind though that not all finches are easy to breed. Make sure to research about them before deciding to buy one or two for your home.

Although finches do not really interact with people, they are not easily disturbed or frightened by humans. If somebody is working in the backyard, they will freely come down from the trees to feed on bird houses or feeders and drink water from bird baths. They also love to bathe in shallow water so keep the water in your bird bath low if you want to attract these birds.

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judy   4/12/2008)
thanks so much for your wonderful information on our backyardbirds! I have come to you guys for information on alot of different breeds and you have never failed me yet! Definitely a very fine site. Thanks again!

Mrs.Bellmore   4/19/2008)
Thank you so much...My husband and I have been inquiring information on birdhouses for our array of birds and your sight has definitely given us ample information to do so. Thank you again

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