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Bird Feeders : Sparrows

Sparrows are birds that are found almost everywhere. They are very adaptable birds known for their beautiful appearance and songs. Sparrows are highly valued birds also because they benefit the agricultural community by eating insects or pests that injure the crops. Nevertheless, large populations of sparrow can become pests as well.
If you wish to set up feeders and attract sparrows, one of the first steps you have to do is improve the condition of the area where you will place the feeder. Remove unwanted plants and vegetation. Take note the plants and trees or shrubs that sparrows prefer, which include smartweed, huckleberry, oats, honeysuckle, poison ivy, dogwood, blackberry, holly, ragweed, elderberry, aspens, spruce, and birches. Plant hedgerows of preferred shrub species as well because this will increase the amount of food, cover, and edge area.
In making the feeder, make sure you use excellent cedar wood that is about 19 and 25 mm thick to ensure enough insulation and maximum strength. Choose a rust proof inspection door as well and aluminum fixing nail so that the tree will not be damaged. Remember to have water sources as well, such as small ponds or watering holes. Do not use too much insecticide in the area.

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