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Bird Houses 101 - Everything You Need to Know About Birdhouses, for North American Birds

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Links and Resources ( birding supplies and equipmentThis site provides photos, identification information, birding basics and product reviews among others. It also sells birding products and hosts online stores for birding companies. (American Birding Association)category: birding organizationThis site encourages conservation of birds and their habitat by developing and disseminating information while promoting economic and environment values of birding. ( birding and wild birdsThis site provides birding information for people who watch wild birds. It likewise provides checklists, types of birds, trip reports, backyard habitats, photos, songs and calls as well as identifying information. Several useful information regarding birding can be gathered in this site. (North American Birds Photo Gallery)category: images/photos of birdsThis site contains images of numerous North American bird species by Peter La Tourrette

www.enature.comcategory: animal informationThis site is provided by the National Wildlife Federation where users can access searchable field guides for over 4,800 species of plants and animals with fantastic photographs. It also features various habitats for additional information. (Birds of North America)category: birding softwareThis site provides access to information about 918 birds in its data base. It also includes topics on bird classification, bird guides, feeders and identification of birds by song. Source)category: outdoors, birdingThis site is a partnership between citizens and scientists as they work hand in hand to promote conservation and environmental learning. ( bird conservation and researchThis site provides information on the Science of Ornithology with emphasis on science, conservation and education

www.carolina.comThis site has been designed to be entertaining, easy-to-use and fun as it encourages people to care about nature in a different format. They offer products that are environmentally responsible and of high quality. They specialize on products that are related to bird watching such as birdhouses, bird feeders, bird baths and outdoor furniture.

www.audubon-omaha.orgcategory: birding organizationThis site offers information about attracting, feeding and sheltering wild birds. Forums are also included in this site so online questions as well as other related inquiries can be forwarded to the proper authorities for immediate feedback.

www.baltimorebirdclub.orgcategory: birding organization This site is a service of the Baltimore Bird Club as it features basic information about backyard bird feeding, homes for birds, landscaping in order to attract birds of different species, backyard bird problems and the birds of the continental U.S. as well as Canada.

www.wild-bird-watching.comThis site features bird watching information for everyone who enjoys learning the feeding, nesting and mating habits and behavior of backyard birds. It also includes bird sounds on most of its pages. Additional bird watching information includes basic information on building proper birdhouses. Tips on buying birdhouses are also available here.

www.gardenartisans.comcategory: birdhouses and accessoriesThis site offers great ideas on how to transform an ordinary looking backyard into a garden paradise. It likewise offers very uniquely crafted garden d?cor items that are guaranteed to make a place attractive to nesting birds.

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