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Binoculars an equipment adapted for use by both eyes at once

Bird the only animal with feathers; all kinds have two legs, lay eggs from which their young are hatched and have wings although some species cannot fly.

Bird Banding the tagging of wild birds with identification bands or rings for the purpose of bird study

Bird Bath any shallow enclosure that can be filled with fresh water to attract wild birds to bathe in or drink water from

Bird Call a vocal sound produced by a bird, usually to communicate with birds of the same specie

Bird Feeding the providing of supplemental food and water for wild birds

Birdhouse a man-made nesting place for birds

Bird List a checklist containing the names of each species of birds seen with a notation on where and when it was observed

Bird Sanctuary traditionally, a place of refuge where birds are protected from physical harm

Bird Watching identifying or observing birds in their natural environment

Cavity-Nesters bird species that require cavities, usually in wood in which to build nests and lay eggs

Dimension any measurable extent or magnitude, as length, breadth or thickness

Drainage the means to draw water or any fluid from

Feather one of the horny, elongated structures which form the body covering of birds and provide the flight surface for their wings

Feeders a shelf, tray or a relatively elaborate structure where bird food is placed

Field Guide a small book packed with information about birds which describes and shows pictures while providing the details of each bird that should be looked for

Field Of View is the width of the scene that is in view

Fledgling refers to a bird from the time it leaves the nest until it no longer depends on its parents for food

Gleaning technique used by birds to pick-off insects from trees, branches, walls or the ground

Habitat the region where a race, specie or individual naturally or usually lives or is found

Hatch to bring forth a young from the egg by incubation

Incubation the process of warming the egg

Magnify to increase the apparent size, as by a binocular

Migration the act of moving periodically from one region or climate to another

Multiple Brooding raise two or more broods of young every year

Nest the habitation prepared by a bird for the hatching of its egg and the rearing of its young

Nestling refers to a bird from the time it hatches until it leaves the nest

Open Nesters bird species that will not nest in enclosed areas

Ornithologist a scientist who specializes in the study of birds

Ornithology the study of birds

Parasite Species bird species that lay their eggs in the nest of other species

Perch a staff, pole, or slat variously used at any place on which birds alight or rise

Predator an animal that lives by preying upon others

Roost any place where birds resort to spend the night

Single Brooding raise only one brood of young every year

Species a category of animals or plants subordinate to a genus but above a breed, race, strain or variety

Suet the hard fatty tissues around the kidneys of cattle and sheep

Sweeping technique used by flying birds where they open their beaks and catch flying insects and eat them while in flight

Territory an area around the nest usually including feeding habitat that most backyard birds will defend

Ventilation an opening for the purpose of producing full circulation of air

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james  rakes  3/5/2007)
the glossary is a good thing to use when u dont know how to spell a word or know the defenising of that word.

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